What the Dog Taught Me: I’m only a Dog!

How you can dislike your dog.

I dislike my dog tonight
photo by madame b

After a day of leaving Samson home alone, he decided to take his loneliness out on my new cashmere poncho.  I was just telling my sister Helena how much I loved this new piece. I guess I spoke to soon.

 In Yiddish this is called a Kane hurra,( god only nows how you spell this, when I spell check,  Kanye Hurrah was my suggestion…Is that a yiddish rap star, I wonder?),  basically it means you  spoke to soon and keep your thoughts to yourself.  Soooo moral of this story is if you leave your dog home alone for too long…. Put your cashmere sweater away immediately….This is not the first time this has happened…in fact I am beginning to think my dog is channeling his inner most moth.

2 thoughts on “What the Dog Taught Me: I’m only a Dog!

  1. I love the fact that he is not eating the merino or the mohair, just the cashmere. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall… or in this instance, and more appropriately, cats don’t have dogs : )

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