What the Dog Taught Me: I’m only a Dog!

How you can dislike your dog.

After a day of leaving Samson home alone, he decided to take his loneliness out on my new cashmere poncho.  I was just telling my sister Helena how much I loved this new piece. I guess I spoke to soon. … Continue reading


What the Dog Taught Me? Do people really look like their Dogs?

mother and child

mother and child after the storm
photo by Marco

My husband Marco took this pic of Samson and I the morning after Hurricane Sandy. He told me the two of us are really starting to look-alike. I’m going to take that as a complement. What do you think?

What the dog taught me: 4 best dog parks in Southern Westchester County

hunts wood dog park

I spend lots of time at various dog parks throughout Westchester County, Connecticut, and New York City.  They have become a part of my day where I get to socialize with adults who love their dogs and share the common passion … Continue reading


What The Dog Taught Me: Organic Pleeze!!!

A Part of My life revolves around my dog Samson and going to various dog parks (can’t wait to do that post). My family is starting to get a little jealous.  My mother told me she would like to come … Continue reading